To have full control of machine motors, Sodick has developed its own CNC controller since its establishment. As Sodick has continued to produce its own CNC controller and it has reached the point of being able to produce its own high performance linear servo motors. All of Sodick EDM products are equipped with linear motors that deliver significant advantages, Sodick first introduced the linear motor EDM in 1999 and over 10,000 linear drive machines has delivered to the customer

High-speed, High-accuracy, High-responsiveness and High-efficiency

Linear technology offers significant benefits such as high-speed, high-accuracy and high-responsiveness, which go beyond conventional machining. By the high speed jump (Max.36mm/min) with the linear motor drive, it achieves the smooth discharge of machining chips without flushing. With ball screw drives have mechanical contacting surface, linear motor drives have no contacting surface other than the guide. This result in no backlash, no torsion or no wear on drive mechanism, which means high accuracy last a lifetime.

Original motion control technology

Sodick has also successfully developed original motion controller especially for linear motor drives.
By detecting the discharge gap directly with full closed motion control system, linear drives maximize the machining performance.

With greater advanced research and development

With linear technology, servo technology, ceramic and other advanced technology, Sodick successfully developed "Nano 100" which is capable of 1 nm positioning accuracy, the world's highest standard.
Sodick feed back the know-how of "Nano technology" that is acquired through "Nano 100" development to EDM, machining center and other products.